Jeanneret Teak Wood Rattan Side Chair


Jeanneret Teak Wood Rattan Side Chair


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Handmade in a third generation family atelier in Bali Indonesia

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Why Buy Furniture From Hirsch + Timber?

Don't Be Like Everyone Else

Most people buy their furniture from the same big box stores, and as a result, their homes all look the same. They are cheap, mass-produced furniture that has no personality and falls apart after a few months.

Not only is this frustrating and bad for the environment, but it's also expensive in the long run.

Give Your Home The Furniture It Deserves

At Hirsch + Timber, every furniture is uniquely designed and handmade in a third generation family atelier in Bali Indonesia, with sustainable materials that are built to last and build character as they age.

We make furniture that will make you proud for years to come.

Luxury Yet Affordable

We believe every home deserves furniture with high-end quality and unique personality, which is why our handcrafted pieces are priced with affordability in mind.

In addition, we ship everything with package insurance included at no cost to you, while most online furniture shops charge a minimal $250 for shipping.