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Laid-back yet elevated home decor brings calmness and relaxation to your mind.

Hi! I am Eleanor Hirsch. Our story started in 2020, a remarkably difficult year for most people due to Covid-19 and global lockdown. When Covid hit, my husband and I both lost our jobs, cancelled our honeymoon and our trip to visit our families in Asia. The constant stress reminded me to start caring for my mental health. I spend most of my time indoor during the lockdown so I began to decorate my home in the attempt of making it more relaxing and laid-back without sacrificing aesthetics and styles.
That is why I started Hirsch + Timber, a home décor shop dedicated to working with artisans around the world to bring laid back yet elevated lifestyle to your home. We use a lot of natural materials to give your home a rustic charm and a hint of modern flair. In today’s fast-paced world, I believe everyone deserves a home that makes them feel calm and relaxed, and I hope you can find that at Hirsch + Timber.